Passion Led Us Here

Our Story

We wanted our spark back


Our primary reason for being has been the development of a concentrated supplement for menopause that supports the gut microbiome, where oestrogens are metabolised. 




Because we struggled to find a solution for our own heavy-hitting symptoms in peri and post.


Nothing seemed to work and disheartened by trying so many products to no avail, we set our minds on creating an all-in-one supplement that actually did what it said it was going to do, in a different way to all the others.


Carefully crafted across two years with British scientists and nutritionists, our flagship probiotic menopause supplement, Minerva Reset, has been a true labour of love, consuming every waking moment around our professional and family lives. 

On top of this breakthrough product for women, we will be launching new wellness and beauty products on a regular basis, so watch this space!

Suzie & Myriam

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