Regain your confidence and unlock the path to your uniquely best self with transformational celebrity Life Coach and Image Consultant, Lucia Santa-Maria.

Known for transforming hundreds of lives and guiding individuals to their fullest potential, we are thrilled to collaborate with the illustrious Lucia Santa-Maria, renowned celebrity Life Coach and Image Consultant. This partnership brings an unparalleled opportunity for our customers to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and an entirely new look. So often in menopause, we can lose our confidence, our sense of direction in life, our self esteem gets battered, and don't get us started on style, when most of us are trying to cover up and not draw too much attention to ourselves.

On a positive note, which we firmly adhere to at Minerva Wellness, menopause is a rite of passage that can bring up some major questions that help us shape and redesign our lives moving forwards. However, we don't always have the answers to these ourselves and can often feel stuck.

With Lucia's expertise and dedication to guiding clients towards their highest potential, we are confident that this collaboration will prove life-changing for our customers to unlock new levels of confidence, fulfilment, and success in their lives.

Lucia Santa-Maria, Transformational Celebrity Life Coach and Image Consultant


At Minerva Wellness, our hearts are firmly set on helping women feel and function better throughout their menopause journey, so our collaboration with Lucia is an excellent alignment to support women who really want to grab the bull by the horns, take stock, and move forwards in a much more self-assured, confident, and intentional new direction, whilst looking and feeling fab-u-lous!


Over to you, Lucia.

Level up your confidence with my image and deep dive coaching package

Do you feel you've lost connection between your image, confidence, courage and identity?


You don't recognise the person you see in the mirror.


Has menopause changed your relationship with who you are and where you want to be?


After trying to heal from a bereavement, a difficult break up, or divorce, you feel that it's time to start rebuilding your life.


Your stuck in a rut but have high hopes for your future and need support in mapping out your ideal path.

Then I have just the package for you.

The package is split into 2 parts, where we do a 2 hour deep dive coaching session to examine who you are, where you want to be, and set you on your course to get there.

The second part of the package is image consultancy, where I will help you establish a confident new image without getting rid of any core items that make you feel great.

I coach you on how to restyle items you already have, bringing a more current and relevant feel to your style. I then advise on any shopping you can do to up-scale and complement your revamped wardrobe.

"The whole experience gives you a wonderful boost and points you firmly in alignment with your goals and lifestyle. Creating a more grounded, confident, and self assured YOU, both inside and out."

"Entering the menopause, I had found life tricky both physically and mentally, and had started to feel I had lost my identity as my body changed. At times this made me feel very lonely and Lucia managed to make me feel so comfortable, she immediately gained my trust. She has amazing instincts and empathy. She gently guided me through the coaching to rediscover myself! Because of her kindness and patience, I had a lot of fun and was beyond happy with the results. I will definitely work with you again Lucia and highly recommend if you are feeling stuck like I was."



During my previous career as a Costume Designer across 3 decades in the film and television industries, I have worked with many celebrities and well known personalities. I have created thousands of looks during that time and my understanding of the physiological and psychological connection between image, career, success and confidence goes very deep.


This is a two tier coaching package that you can enjoy across one intensive day or two sessions if preferred.


Lucia's 2 tier package will leave you with a real feeling of agency over your life and is also an ideal gift for a friend or loved one.


Minerva Wellness customers will benefit from £30 off as part of our collaboration with Lucia to help our customers feel their best.


To learn more about Lucia and the variety of coaching packages on offer, please visit Lucia Santa-Maria's website and book your discovery call.