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How is Minerva Reset helping women struggling with Menopause? This is Caroline's story

Caroline joined our 80-strong Minerva Reset trial back in January this year, prior to launching the Minerva Wellness brand. This is Caroline’s unique menopause journey and we are very grateful to her for participating in our trial and for sharing her experience with us all.

I started my peri menopause journey 2 years ago at the age of 47. Previous to that I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and underwent a thyroidectomy and had treatment for it. My hormones and TSH were all over the place and I started suffering from joint pains, insomnia and anxiety. My first peri menopause symptoms appeared during the first lockdown in 2019, and it felt like a tsunami: hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety attacks (for no particular reason) and weight gain (when I was still doing sports and maintaining a healthy diet).

I couldn't go to any GPs for diagnoses or tests, or ask friends (no one I knew was in that stage), so I was left to use Google and join FB Menopause groups. Eventually when Doctors started taking calls again, I was told to take anti-depressants or HRT; without any further consultations or anyone really listening to my symptoms and conditions. I decided not to go down that route as a/ it wasn't depression and b/ I was already on daily medication. I felt really down and trapped at the time. I felt like I’d woken up one morning like a totally different person, in a completely different body.

I was constantly bloated and put on 10 kg in one year and a half, all around my stomach (I only weighed that much in my entire life when pregnant and lost it fairly quickly), while all my life I managed to maintain a healthy fixed weight. And then, one day I came across supplements and alternative medicine to ease some menopause symptoms and control weight gain. It was the light at the end of a long tunnel. I started taking Minerva supplements during last summer, and the first thing I noticed was that my night sweats disappeared after 3 weeks. I was more focused and my memory was sharper, and still is.

I also managed to lose 3 kg that, which, fingers crossed, didn't come back. I definitely feel less bloated and sleep better. I am glad I stood my ground with regards to anti-depressants and HRT, and won't accept that all these nuisance symptoms are just “part of old age”, as at 50, I don't see myself as old. It is a work in progress and I can say that I regain some of my old self, pre peri-menopause. I wish that more alternatives like Minerva Reset supplements were offered to women when starting the long journey of peri-menopause to Menopause. It is a minefield and thankfully the stigmas and cliché about menopause are being addressed and broken in today's society and even at the workplace.

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